Tuesday, April 5, 2016


So confession time, I have been wearing glasses since the second grade. My eyesight is terrible and glasses or contacts at all times is very necessary so I always like to make sure my glasses are up to date, and on trend, since I spend so much time in them at home. When David Kind reached out to me to try their system I was pumped. There is nothing worse then picking out glasses at your opticians, between the ridiculously large variety of options and the pressure to pick a pair in a short time span, I always walk away feeling like I didn't quite pick the perfect pair. With the at home try on I was able to wear each of the six pairs around my house and check myself out in the mirror as many times as my little heart desired. The process is made very easy, you select three styles from their selection of glasses, answer a questionnaire with what you like and dislike in a pair of glasses and then you are paired with a stylist who selects an additional three pairs that come in the box. Want to learn more about the try on process and the next steps? Click here to get started! You seriosuly won't regret it, from one eyeglasses wearer to another this is the way to go when picking out your new specs!

xo, Jasmin

photos by Oscar Merrida

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  1. I am most certainly gonna have to check this service out! I just started wearing glasses last year (even though I've needed them forever!) and I've gotten bored with what I have! Thanks for sharing!

    I also wanted to know if you had an email sign up because I wanted to follow your blog that way? Thx either way!

    xx, Chanda



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