Monday, December 21, 2015



Happy Monday! With holiday events in full swing and the big day approaching it is important to take a little time for yourself this week not only for your sanity but for your beauty upkeep as well. I like to ensure that I am looking and feeling my absolute best so below are my "must do's" before Christmas all in the hopes that you too will take a little time to pamper yourself pretty by Friday:

1. Rest: Beauty sleep is no joke, your skin and body look rejuvenated when you get the rest you need, and with some late nights in sight between holiday parties, Christmas and New Years taking advantage of some down time is the way to go. Naps certainly come into play during these hectic times, a 20 minute refresh with a sleep mask will help you get through the day and performing at your best, but be sure to keep it to 20 minutes, anything more and it can have the opposite effect.
2. Teeth: With pictures galore being taken during the holiday season ensuring your teeth are going to be picture ready is easy to do with these Mr. Blanc teeth whitening strips. These strips are peroxide free which is great for sensitivity issues and they treat your teeth kindly while whitening. I started mine last week and have already seen a huge improvement, I will certainly not be holding back on the teeth baring grins!
3. Hair: I love my long locks but keeping it healthy with all of the heat I apply to it daily can be tough. These hair vitamins ensure that my locks are receiving the nutrients needed for maximum growth, strength and elasticity.
4. Nails: The Biotin from my hair supplements also helps with nail growth and health, but a quick mani/pedi is a sure way to get festive. I for one prefer painting my own nails but you could easily take an hour and head over to the salon if you are not as comfortable painting them yourself or if you just want a little extra pampering! I went with this gorgeous red for the holiday season.
5. Skin: Lastly, your skin. We all want "the glow", without the pregnancy part, but obtaining that can be tricky. With the colder weather this masque is great for hydrating your skin, while also exfoliating and brightening!

I hope this helps you take a little time for yourself as the chaos continues, be sure to stop by the rest of the week for some other holiday prep posts!

xo, Jasmin

photos by Oscar Merrida


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