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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


These shoes are going to be on serious repeat, are you sick of them yet? I had been eyeing lace up sandals last year and never pulled the trigger because a) I debated whether I would wear them enough, b) I never found a pair at a reasonable price point that met my "lace up" requirements and c) I just didn't know if I suited them. Well my a, b, and c have been proven wrong, mostly my b, because after finding basically a two for one deal I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get them in black AND taupe. Plus I kept putting on outfits and thinking gosh I really wish I had a pair of lace up sandals to throw on with this ;). My logic is that if you wish, maybe more than a couple times, that you had something to go with a look you need it in your closet, ASAP.

xo, Jasmin 

photos by Oscar Merrida

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