Jasmin daily : WINTER WORKOUTS

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I run, a lot, and for someone who hates the treadmill and loves to get out on the open road winter can be tough. Finding warm activewear is important, and being the clothes and shoe hoarder that I am I opt for a multitude of affordable pieces that I can mix and match. Recently I stocked up on some great gear from Old Navy to get me through the rest of these cold morning runs, there's nothing like a new running outfit to motivate you to get active! 


  1. i love those leggings!


  2. My arse would look sooooooo big on those pants but I love them on you. Such a cool pattern!

  3. Excuse me but daaamn you're so fit! I love your leggings! Kind of surprised that they're from Old Navy as I have not seen them at the store. Or maybe I just haven't paid much attention to their workout clothes lately ;)



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