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Friday, December 12, 2014



Okay so maybe you don't need 6 coats but then again maybe you do!

This is the time of year I am obsessed with coats, I have a love hate relationship with them that I struggle with daily during these colder months, essentially because I want them all. Picking coats is the toughest task, they are pricey so you can't just go over board and buy them all (if you are fortunate enough to be in that position, send a few my way?), but who wants to wear the same coat every. single. day. I sure don't. Once I have pulled my winter coats from storage, I sort through for the keepers, and conduct numerous searches for what I feel I need to either replace or enhance my coat collection. This year, other than my camel wool-blend coat I really don't have a great collection, basically I am starting from scratch. Above are the styles that I feel every woman should have in her closet! 

xo, Jasmin

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