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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Blanket Scarf (identicalother color option) // Jacket, old (similar) // Sweater (similar) // Boyfriend Jeans // Loafers // Quilted Cross Body (similar) // Pearl Earrings (similar) // Nails: 'Barbara Forever' by Brucci // Lips: 'Ruby Star' by Maybelline

Above are all the details from a recent Instagram post favorite, not sure whether it was the Starbucks red cup or many layers that garnered the attention but I'm going to bet it was the blanket scarf and go from there ;)
I love colder temps for one reason and one reason only, because it means it is blanket scarf season and I can wear the blanket scarf properly rather than as seen here. I could go on and on about how obsessed I am with the Zara blanket scarves, my growing collection of them would certainly give me away, but I will let the multitude of upcoming blanket scarf posts speak for themselves. Hey, what can I say I plan on never being cold again no matter how brutal our winter gets! 
Below are a few other blanket scarf options to keep you warm for the upcoming months: 

xo, Jasmin 

photos by Oscar Merrida

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  1. I love the layers you have and that pretty shade of lipstick.

    Thank you for sharing on TBT Fashion link up. Have a great weekend!



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