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Friday, October 10, 2014


  Shoes (from top to bottom):                                                                Purses (from top to bottom):
Jimmy Choo : Splurge / Save                                                                      Kate Spade : Splurge / Save 
Christian Louboutin : Splurge / Save                                                  Rebecca Minkoff : Splurge / Save
Valentino : Splurge / Save                                                                     Michael Kors:  Splurge / Save
Happy Friday! 

Recently I have purchased a couple of items that I love because they resemble some of my favorite designer pieces. While I am not a lover of "knockoffs" I am definitely not a fan of the price tags that come along with designer items that I love, so when I find a similar style at a lower price my wallet and I get very happy! Above are a few of my favorite save versions of my favorite splurge items.

xo, Jasmin

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  1. Great duplicate finds, Jasmin! I have seen the red satchel and the Rockstud knockoffs but the rest are new to me. I love having more affordable options of great-looking items!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Great affordable options! I love the tan bag for fall!

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  3. I love a good save!! Great picks! I'd love to have the splurge, but spending that kind of money is not always justifiable, so a great replica is the way to go!!

    Tara Belle

  4. Man you can't tell the difference but your debit account can. Great post of useful 'ITEMS'. Thanks for being with us at Fashion ITEM Friday, again. yay! ♥, Renae


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