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Monday, April 14, 2014


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This trend isn’t just for the ladies! 
On the Friday Finds post last week I talked about the joggers and track pants trend that was sweeping the women’s department this season, little did I know it was a hot commodity for men as well! 
What do you all think of this European inspired look? 
Fan or not?

Happy Monday!
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  1. Amro has jogger sweatpants!

    1. Oh he does, does he? Lol might have to get him on here in them!

  2. I definitely think it takes a special guy to be able to wear these. I wish my hubby could pull it off, but yeah, no, he can't! And that's ok! I still love the idea of them, though! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

    1. Hahaha we gotta know what we can rock and what we can't!

  3. I did not know these were an option for guys! I would be interested to see how it looks on, haha!

    1. I've only ever seen them when I have been overseas or when I see a foreigner here lol but the trend is traveling! Supposedly I have a guy friend who wears them so I'll see if I can get him to show them off, haha!


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