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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


^A great fortune to start the week off just right^

^Of course there had to be a snow storm the day after I arrived, plenty of Hunters and bundling up^ 

^What better to do during a snow storm but search through your closet for gems like this, GO TIGERS!^

^There was a little inspiration throughout the week as well^

^Of course there were plenty of stripes, the obsession is growing^

^Total Starbucks addict, more stripes and a little blog work--blogging never stops! Even on breaks^

^A couple of gorgeous days during the week as well, pastels are making an appearance...it must be spring!^

^I had my fair share or wine and treats, but that's what breaks are for!^

^Another sweet treat^

^And some true relaxation!^

If you don't already, follow along, @jasmindailyfashion.

Thank you all for putting up with my disappearing act! 

Much love,
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