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Monday, March 10, 2014


How was everyone’s week!? 
I feel like it has been forever since my last post and boy oh boy have I missed all of you, my lovely readers! 
I could dedicate an entire post to my spring break week but I won't today because it’s Menswear Monday and our guys don’t get enough attention on here as it is (BUT I will post all my looks from DC shortly!). 
Keep scrolling on to find out about a little inspiration I got last week.

*All images are from Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest here.*

I realized I am totally guilty of focusing Menswear Mondays to men’s looks for work, but I really want to provide an array of looks for you guys like I do the ladies out there. Luckily this past week in DC provided me with a lot of inspiration,
 what can I say my guy friends from back home dress to impress outside of the office! 
Of course I didn’t have a camera on me to capture their looks but that’s nothing a little Pinterest search can’t fix.
Besides them pulling off the denim on denim look and dressing down their work pieces, layers, puffer vests and beanies seemed to be the theme due to the record-setting low temps we experienced early on in the week.
Who knew guys get cold too! ;)

Happy Monday,
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