Jasmin daily : HUNTERS & PLAID IN BLUE

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hey! Remember this post from last week?
My Hunter boots (we call them wellies in England) in enamel gloss finally came!
Just in time for yet another snowstorm.

Here are some more pics of how I wore my Hunters last week with blue plaid.

(Just checking to see just how pigeon toed I really am!)
Sweater: Similar here
Shirt: Old Navy (only have green left)
Vest: Old (similar here)
Jeans: Old Navy
Wellies: Hunter

I have wanted these white (enamel) wellies for some time now but held off because the enamel color only comes in gloss, 
at least from what I can tell, and I didn't quite know how I felt about a gloss finish.
But I took the plunge and figured there was no better time then the present 
and boy have these wellies had plenty of wear.
With snowstorms the past few weeks, sleet and rain over the weekend, 
more snow last night and I am sure plenty more on its way, 
I could wear these daily…but I won’t.

Have a terrific Tuesday,
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  1. Love it. You are so BRAVE haha all white boots are uncharted territory for me. But THIS is super cute.

    1. I was so scared to get them! But have to say, so far so good!

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    1. Ja die laarzen staat echt goed hoor top kleurt toch pas goed bij je 👍

  3. Love your white hunter boots. they look gorgeous. never thought of buying a white pair, but looks like will have to reconsider


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